Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why the Bad Taste?

I hope I didn't scare everyone with commenting on the bad taste that Prosper is giving me. It's nothing serious - it just has to do with the way I am.

A few Lenders said a few things about me that I don't believe are true on a message board. I don't have the thickest skin and I hurt easily. I care too much about what people think about me sometimes. I'm the type of person who tries to make everyone happy, even though I know that's not possible 100% of the time.

What happened hurt my spirit a little, hense my post earlier. I was thinking about withdrawing the loan and relisting. But an email I received from a bidder on my loan made me feel a lot better about things. Then, while writing this post I received another very supportive email from another bidder. Words can hurt...words can heal...words are powerful. I think blogging and my Prosper experience has made me really realize that. A telephone call with Prosper (I'll write about it hopefully later tonight if I have time) made me feel better as well.

My loan closes tomorrow night, and as of right now the interest rate is 11% (the bidding started at 12%). Part of me wants to start plugging all the numbers, but that actually will be hard because of how I am paying my debt off. Anyone know of a debt reduction calculator that lets you choose what order you want to pay off your debts? The ones I found automatically calculate by paying the highest interest rate balances first - which I won't be doing for a little bit (more on why later). If I can't find one, I guess I'll put my Excel skills to work and share my creation here ;)

I am so thankful for every bidder on my loan and for all of my fellow personal finance bidders showing their support with their bid and/or blogging about my experience. All of the support I receive from everyone really does mean the world to me.

Index of My Borrowing Experience with Prosper


Anonymous said...

Don't let the message boards sour you on the Prosper experience. They can be brutal, and some of the egos there are insufferable. I think I read the comments that hurt you, and I think even the offending person realized that he was wrong. Congrats on funding.

A Prosper Lender

Kim L. said...

As for a calculator that let's you pick an order of repaymenet, Mary Hunt has one over at Unfortunately it requires a memebership.

Kate said...

There is a pretty good debt calculator at It's used quite a lot by the Dave Ramsey folks and does allow you to choose your own order of debt repayment.

MamaMia said...

There's a snow ball calculator at the following link and you choose the order of debt to re pay.

Good luck.

MamaMia said...

Hi, there is a snow ball calculator where you can choose the order of debt repayment at:

Good luck and hang in there!