Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"Bringing It Home"

I've been sitting at the computer for quite a while today, trying to write something. I have many topics in my mind, and I have a few posts started, but I can't seem to "bring it home." Perhaps this is what is referred to as "writer's block".

Actually, I just thought of another thing to write about when I said "bring it home."

I love the movie "Walk the Line." I have been a big fan of Johnny Cash since I was a little girl and my dad would play his guitar and sing his songs. It was only natural that I watched the movie.

There is a section where Sam Phillips of Sun records is talking to Johnny Cash after he sang a sub-par audition song. Mr. Phillips told Johnny to "Bring it home" and basically told him to sing a song that would let every one know what he was about...something real. Because that is what moves people and that's what people want to hear.

You know what...that little speech moved me. If you look through the beginning of this blog, I started out trying to summarize information and my writing wasn't what I would call very personal. Slowly, it has evolved into something more personal and something real. In part that is due to hearing that speech.

I like writing this way :)

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