Friday, June 09, 2006

Darn Garage Sales!!

I love garage sales and I love getting deals. But after starting this blog, and taking inventory of the things I don't need, I realized I have gotten some great deals throughout the years - but most of it is stuff I didn't really need. Things like picture frames, decorations, clothes that I don't wear, etc.

I have been staying away from them this summer and I have conditioned my foot to not hit the brake pedal when I see a fluorescent sign on the side of the road. But while my son and I were out walking to the gas station so he could buy some penny candy (it was cute - he searched the entire house for pennies and found about 10), right in my path was a garage sale.

I wasn't planning on stopping, but my son quickly saw one of those play kitchen sets. He has been wanting one of those so before I knew it we were checking it out. It was only $4.00 dollars, and they easily retail for over $30.00. He proclaimed that he was going to buy that with his pennies. I tried to explain that he didn't have enough but he still doesn't quite grasp that concept yet.

You guessed it. I caved in and bought it. It wasn't an impulse buy either because I actually had to walk back home and get my checkbook and come back (I rarely have cash - not even a few dollars). I even had to carry it all the way home. But my son was just so excited.

I also had to look at other things, and I resisted some things that caught my eye but I couldn't resist some old magazines for ten cents a piece. I bought all of the Women's World magazines that they had ($1.60 worth). That is the only magazine I really read and it amazes me that a weekly publication can always have so many interesting stories and recipes.

I feel like going garage-sailing tomorrow morning and I probably should go at least a few days this summer. It's time to purchase more clothes for my son because he is growing like a weed. I just have to remember the article I wrote and remember to only buy things I need.

That - and go without my son - LOL. ;)

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