Monday, June 26, 2006

More Prosper Resources & Others Blogging About Prosper

Here are a few more sites I thought would be interesting to a Lender or Borrower on Prosper:

Who's Bidding on Prosper. Updated daily, you can see all of the Lenders and what they are currently bidding on.

Credit Boards Forum about Prosper.

And here are some bloggers that I know are writing about their experiences as a Lender (L) and/or Borrower (B). If your blog is not included, please leave a comment and I'll add you :)

Dual Income No Kids (L)
It's Your Money: Money Musings (L)
Makingourway (L)
My Personal Finance Blog (L)
Plugged in Finance (L) (L)
Seattle Editor's Prosper Blog (L) & (B)
Shaun's Real Estate Adventures (L)
Spotsearch (L)
Tired but Happy (L)

And a link to my previous resources for borrowers can be found by clicking here

Index of My Borrowing Experience with Prosper

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