Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sometimes You Read Something and Go "Wow"

I love it when I read something and things (as I like to call it) hit me like a brick. While surfing my blogroll, I came across a comment left over at Dual Income No Kids.

Here's an excerpt:

"I share pretty openly with my friends and often times we talk about finances and our futures together because we are the kinds of friends who share those things and support one another in those endeavors. Since we're all in the same boat to securing our financial future, no one ever complains that so-and-so picks expensive restaurants, etc. We've got the same paradigm about our career ambitions and savings. Perhaps it isn't the choice we make to have this open dialogue by blog, but the people we choose as our friends."

That comment, left by fellow personal finance blogger Mapgirl, is so amazing and so true!!


mapgirl said...

Thanks Tricia! I think I'm pretty lucky to have friends that trust me and whom I trust too. It's really less about the money than it is about the strength of your friendships.

Tricia said...

Mapgirl - if you wrote a book I'd buy it. Well, considering my debt I would probably borrow it ;) But I definitely would read it!!

mapgirl said...

Well, my blog is free. :-)