Saturday, July 22, 2006

Credit Card Debt is UNDER $30,000!!!!

As I write that title, I still can't believe it.

Our credit card debt is now $29,999!!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

June's Spending Report is Ready!

Sorry for the delay, so without further ado here is the spending report for June:

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Yuk - I'm Tired and Cranky

For some reason, at least once a month I seem to pull an all-nighter. Usually, I'm on the computer working on a paid project or working on my blog. At 29, I'm getting too old for this stuff - and today it shows. I'm just a wee bit cranky and very tired.

I'm also a little bummed today because we had some rain and there is a new leak in our roof. Tomorrow I will check out the roof and hopefully it's a minor problem and some sealant or something can fix it until a whole new roof is needed. Anyone recommend a good product for that purpose? I'm just hoping that a professional isn't needed and I hope the whole roof isn't shot. That would be really bad right now because big expenses would mean a big setback with reducing debt.

Anyways, just wanted to check in and let everyone know I'm still here. Just not the happiest camper right now but I'm sure after a good night's sleep I'll feel better.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Are You Linking To Me?

I try to keep track of my stats to see who is linking to me, but I don't always catch everyone. A big change is coming to Blogging Away Debt, so please email me at bloggingawaydebt [at] yahoo [dot] com or leave a comment here if you are linked to me. I'll check out your site and probably provide a link back. As long as I find your blog informative and it isn't offensive then there's a good change I'll add it.

I read every blog on my blogroll at least weekly. I'm a little old fashioned and (cough) just click on my links to visit everyone's blogs. I know, I should get with the times and sign up to some feeds!

Did You Check out the Festival of Frugality Yet?

Dawn over at Frugal for Life is hosting this week's Festival of Frugality. She did an awesome job and her ABC format is great! Go check it out!

Thanks Dawn for Hosting :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Credit Card Debt Update - $30,616

I had a little bit of fun yesterday, and just started paying credit cards. It was best to get the money out of my checking account before I ended up spending it on something.

Seeing that number...$30,616...I am so close to having it under 30 grand. If I didn't have to worry about some final finance charges from Credit Card #2, I'm pretty sure I could do it. I just don't know how much those finance charges will be and I still have a few days to wait to find out.

I am also waiting for another statement to arrive, and then I will know all of my new minimum payments to I can calculate our new DTI as well as seeing how long it will take to pay all of this off! I'm thinking if it could be done in 2 years, that would be awesome. Then I can finally start thinking about saving!! Oh, what a glorious day that will be :)

My New Perfume - Deep Woods Off

It started a few weeks husband got a tick. Luckily for me, he was able to get it off himself and I didn't have to see it. I wasn't so lucky the next time because it was right on his back.

As I looked at that thing ferociously attached to his skin I could feel my heart pound like you wouldn't believe. The buggers have eight legs! Eight legs in my mind = a spider and I am deathly afraid of spiders, especially the big ones. I felt my whole body start shaking, but I knew I had to get that thing off my hubby.

I grabbed the tweezers and followed tick removal instructions and I had to stop a few times to compose myself. Every time that thing moved I wanted to jump a mile back. I finally got the sucker off.

My husband has been walking in the woods recently, so I was sure it was just him picking them up from there.

A few days later, my husband wakes my son up and he has a tick right on his head!! My hubby took that one off, but I still do not understand where my son got it because he hadn't been in the woods or anywhere with long grass, etc in a while. Another weird thing is that no one in my family has had ticks before and this year there have been three!

My son and I went fishing last week, and I sprayed Deep Woods Off all over. I am not taking any chances and I guess I will just have to smell like Off all summer. I can't help it. Those things freak me out!! I guess I will have a large expense for this summer for buying insect repellent.

I feel like such a wimp.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Awesome Extra Money and Free Goodies Day!

I checked the mail today and I was pleased to find two things waiting for me:

1.) A check for $5.00 for completing a survey with Pinecone Research. I've been doing surveys for them for a while, and it's a great way to earn a few extra dollars every now and then. The surveys don't take long to do (usually 10 minutes) and I've never had a problem getting paid. Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity gave the news that Pinecone is having an open enrollment. If interested, check out his link. Chances are it probably won't last long, so check it out soon!

2.) A box of snack size Take 5 candy bars for a BzzBlast. I get to try them, as well as pass them on to others to try. I thought the candy bars would be pretty gross with having pretzels in them - but they actually taste good. Just so you know, I am in no way required to promote products and I'm not being paid to say that I like them. The idea behind the program is that you try something new and if you like it - you spread the word. Like how things happen everyday with word-of-mouth advertising. Just, in this case, I get to try products for free :) If you are interested in becoming a BzzAgent, here's their website

That reminds me, what sort of freebies are at Walmart right now? Better check!

A Couple of My Best, I mean, Worst Customers

Over at Punny Money he shared his experience with a rude retail worker. Then Mighty Bargain Hunter shared with us his jaw-dropping experiences with retail workers.

I can't top those, but I can offer a different perspective - from a retail worker's side.

I worked as a cashier for a few years and here's the best er...worst of my experiences:

1.) I was training another cashier and scanning through a woman's groceries (the trainee was bagging as I was talking him through things). Something didn't scan and I was explaining to my trainee how to enter the barcode manually. It probably took two more seconds to talk while performing the action. The lady went off on us! She started yelling and screaming and we just took it because that's what you are supposed to do. She quieted down, and we continued with her order. Afterwards, we both tried to figure out what happened, but we couldn't figure out what made her blow. A few days later, she came in and apologized to us and said she was having a very bad day.


2.) Late at night, a man stumbled into the store. He tripped over the gumball machine and proceeded to go towards the beer. He had to check-out in my lane, and I told him that I could not sell to him because he is intoxicated. That never goes over well. He started slurring obscenities and calling me every name in the book. He finally gave up because I wasn't budging. He was about 10 feet away from me and he turned around and threw a few pennies at me. As he did that, he said, "Here's a few pennies for ya!" Thank goodness for the beer because he missed me by at least 10 feet. He saw he missed me, called me one last name and stumbled away. He must have remembered what he did, because he avoided my line and when he had to go through it he was very quiet and very polite.

Anyone else have any cashier stories?

My Favorites from the Carnivals

I didn't participate in these carnivals this week. I was a little busy and it slipped my mind. But there are some great articles to read.

My Money Forest hosted the 43rd Carnival of Debt Reduction. My favorite article is from the one....the only....No Credit Needed. That guy never ceases to amaze me. He has whittled down his debt and pumped up his savings at a speed that takes my breath away. I am proud to be a member of the No Credit Needed Network. I am in GREAT company over there with lots of inspiration.

The Real Returns hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance #56. There's one article that everyone should read. It's from Steve Mertz at In Cash Flow We Trust. The unexpected can happen to any one of us and we could lose our source of income. Steve poses a challenge to everyone to help figure out a way to help a mother generate money while staying home with her autistic son. Please visit his site, read the story, and think your brains out to try to help the woman mentioned as well as others in her situation.