Monday, July 03, 2006

Oh Great, Another Addictive Site

Leave it to a woman's anti-perspirant (Secret) to put up a site that I'll probably be checking out for a while. It's all about revealing your secrets (anonymously on the website, of course) for anyone in cyberspace to read.

Most are about love and relationships, but here's a few that are personal finance related:

This one doesn't surprise me at all, it's about a CEO that doesn't like her job

I have done this one in the past. I've since learned that when I am just being me I am acting more like a millionaire than I previously realized

This one I know too well

I haven't posted a secret yet, but I will soon. I think it is cleansing to get secrets and I have a few that I would like to anonymously declare. And part of me says...why not do it to just do it and live a little dangerously ;)


pkthunder said...

Not a stranger to this one. ;)

Tricia said...

LOL - I saw that one too, and I thought of the delivery guy in Legally Blonde. There's something about a man that brings you goodies every time you see him ;)