Friday, July 14, 2006

Yuk - I'm Tired and Cranky

For some reason, at least once a month I seem to pull an all-nighter. Usually, I'm on the computer working on a paid project or working on my blog. At 29, I'm getting too old for this stuff - and today it shows. I'm just a wee bit cranky and very tired.

I'm also a little bummed today because we had some rain and there is a new leak in our roof. Tomorrow I will check out the roof and hopefully it's a minor problem and some sealant or something can fix it until a whole new roof is needed. Anyone recommend a good product for that purpose? I'm just hoping that a professional isn't needed and I hope the whole roof isn't shot. That would be really bad right now because big expenses would mean a big setback with reducing debt.

Anyways, just wanted to check in and let everyone know I'm still here. Just not the happiest camper right now but I'm sure after a good night's sleep I'll feel better.

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