Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I Hope These Blogs Aren't Finished

Every blog in my blogroll I read. I may not get to them every day, but I go through them. Lately, there are two blogs that haven't been updated in a while. Each time I check, I hope there is a new post. But it has been a while since they have been updated so I will be removing them from my blogroll and bookmarking them.

Financial Train Wreck - I hope to see an update soon. I'd love to see how it is going with you quitting smoking.

The Almighty Dollar - You were one of the first ones to comment on my blog when I first started blogging. I enjoyed reading your blog, and hope to see more posts.

I hope everything is alright with the both of you and life just got a little busy. I'll keep checking on you :)


frugal said...

I visited both of them sometime ago last month, and found out the same thing about them. Unfortunately, they've got plenty of companies. I guess the hardest thing about blogging is preseverance.

I guess the new display format at makes some sense. The blogs that don't get updated have the colors of their blog names whitened to the point of disappearing and unreadable. And often at the top, it's the ones that updated most recently.

Tricia said...

I always hope that it's the lack of time that's the problem. It's hard because I get attached to blogs and the writers. It's funny how that happens.

I agree that has a great system going for keeping the blogroll fresh.