Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ouch!!! $119.00 for a Doctor's Visit

I've Moved :)

I am officially settled into my new home and you can read this post here:

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- Tricia


Gay Yuppies said...

In exchange for my monthly premium for my Consumer Driven Health Care Plan (CDHP), my employer provides my partner and I $1,500 to spend as we choose on any health care expense. Once that $1,500 is gone, the next $1,500 is entirely mine to shoulder. After $3,000 is spent, insurance and I split the difference 25%/75%. Any funds that are left over from the original $1,500 are mine to roll-over to the next year.

This type of plan, I beleive, makes me a better health care shopper, and maes sure I know the cost/benefit of the care I am getting.

I think by asking questions as you did and taking the inexpensive generic, you not only saved yourself some cash, but better understand the illness you have.

On an aside, if you worry about having a catastrophic illness costing many thousands, Sams Club offers some high deductible plans for healthy young people starting around $25-30 per month. It may be worth considering. One serious problem could set back all the hard work you have accomploshed "blogging away debt"

Good luck.

Tricia said...

Thank you for the info on the Sam's Club program. As I was talking with the doctor, he told me there is a local program for low cost health insurance for families that I may qualify for. So I will be calling soon to inquire about that.

Thanks for stopping by :)