Friday, June 09, 2006

My Loan Listing is Up at Prosper!

My Prosper loan has been funded! $3,500 at 9.9% :) Feel free to click here to see all of my posts about my Prosper experience.


I still have $3,500 left on Credit Card #2 that I cannot do a balance transfer with. I have been debating trying Prosper for a loan, and I decided to just go for it.

I couldn't justify going through Prosper unless my rate is below my current 13.99% finance charge. So, I started it at 12%. I am hoping that I can still attract Lenders' eyes.

If you'd like to participate, feel free to check out my listing:

Bid on my listing at Prosper, people-to-people lending

And feel free to look around my blog. You see the good and bad, and I hope everyone sees how determined I am to finally pay off all of my family's credit card debt.

My previous posts about Prosper:

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D said...

I think you are making a good decision. I also believe your add on prosper will get you the money you need.

One thing I would change is where you say you are "against" paying down your debt. Sorry don't have the exact wording. I think you are "for" paying down your debt. Maybe I am reading it wrong.

Good luck to you!!

Tricia said...

D - Thanks for the head's up on my listing. I didn't mean that I was "against" paying down my debt. I hope everyone will still understand what I meant :)

Personal Finance Blogger said...

For what it is worth, I threw my $50 into the hat... :)

Good luck with the listing. Hope it funds.

Personal Finance Blogger said...

I posted a link to your loan and blog on my site.

Also, I sent a note to a group of lenders I trade info with recommending your loan. Hopefully that will get you funded faster. My guess is that you'll end up somewhere below 12%.

Tricia said...

Personal Finance Blogger - thanks for the bid and the words of support. I would love to see the loan funded for under 12% and it will be real interesting to see if that happens. But, even if it funds at 12% I'll be pretty happy. That means regular people will be getting the interest instead of the credit card company :)