Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Carnival of Personal Finance #52 is Up!

The Carnival of Personal Finance turns a year old over at Financial Fruition.

My favorite (because it hits close to home):

Can Being Happy Affect Your Finances?

I am a BIG believer that financial well-being can be attained if you have the right attitude, so I enjoyed reading this post.

A thanks for Financial Fruition for hosting! :)


mapgirl said...

Thanks for posting that. I followed over there and left a comment. :-)

Sarah said...

Thanks for linking to my post. I got the article link in the first place from "The Secret Society of Happy People" and am a big fan of happiness. :)

I'm also glad you linked because I got to discover your blog that way. I've enjoyed reading your recent posts, and I just started the process of becoming a Prosper lender. If the bank stuff goes through in time, I'll fund some of your loan and document the process from the other side (I think it would be very interesting to have bloggers on both sides!).

Tricia said...

mapgirl - your welcome. I'm always glad to share some good posts :)

Sarah - thanks for the link. I will have to check it out because I like being happy too! Glad you found my blog and thanks for thinking of bidding on my loan. Even if you don't make it in time, I appreciate the thought. The support my loan has received has been wonderful. There are a few lenders blogging about their experience. A few that come to mind are It's Your Money, Dual Income No Kids and My Personal Finance Blog. Another blogger that was considering borrowing funds is My Money Forest.

I've added you to my blogroll to see how things go for you :)