Saturday, June 10, 2006

Oops!! How Did I Let That Happen?

Thanks to those who have brought it to my attention that my Prosper listing has a little boo-boo in it:

"...I am a woman on a mission. I am dead set against getting rid of my family's credit card debt."

I didn't mean that I am against getting rid of debt, but somehow I worded it that way. I can just shake my head and laugh it off because once your loan is listed at Prosper - you do not have the ability to revise your listing. I can withdraw the loan and fix it, but people have already bid on it and as of right now it is 22% funded. It's doing well, and I think everyone understands what I was trying to say...I hope. Believe me, getting the credit card debt paid off is one of my top priorities.

What does everyone think? Should I withdraw it and relist or just live with the boo-boo?

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the Prince of Thrift said...

I have not heard of prosper before....but if you can get the loan to pay it off at a cheaper interest rate. They don't need to know the credit card was canceled as soon as you got the check from prosper. Leave it and start making "lower interest" payments to prosper.

I would like to know more about prosper, and maybe I can get a much lower interest rate then the 13% I currently have on my car. It sure would be less of a stress to get it paid off...I still want to pay it off within the next 2 years rather then 6.

- Kevin
the Prince of Thrift