Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Thanking My Lucky Stars I am a Low-Maintenance Gal

I've been reading some personal finance blogs, and I realized something. I am so glad that I am low-maintenance because I don't think I could live the way I am living if I wasn't. Whoever decided I was to grow up as a Tomboy - I thank you.

If you want some brutal honesty - I work at home and seriously I work in my pajamas. My hair is pulled back in a ponytail and I just go to work in my office. I don't change all day unless I have to leave my house. No make-up, nothing. I do smoke outside because I hate smoking indoors (which is good for the whole family) and I go out there in my pajamas. I don't think my neighbors care.

Now, when I have to leave the house I get on "normal" clothes, brush my hair and sometimes depending on if my hair looks decent or not I will put on a hat. I basically forgo make-up except if I'm feeling a little feisty and I put on some mascara. But that's rare. For my nails, I make sure they are clean underneath and that's about it. I cut them when they get too long to type decently. I've never had a manicure in my life and I doubt I ever will.

As for some other things, I don't wear perfume. I do have one bottle, but it was my grandmothers and it's kept for sentimental reasons. I do like to buy the smelly Suave shampoos though. Those make you smell nice for a day or so, especially the strawberries and cream.

Speaking of hair, haircuts are few and far inbetween. I have the same darn haircut since high school and it's a long hairdo and it's not too hard to cut yourself then have someone help you straighten the cut. So, that works for me. Sometimes I wonder if I should go for a change, but I like my hair the way it is. I just wash and go. Easy and cheap.

So, now when I post later today where exactly my money goes you won't think I am a complete dirty mess when I reveal how much I spend on grooming :P


Seattle Simplicity said...

It's amazing how expensive personal services are (like hair cuts, manicures, etc). I added a ton of money back into my cash flow by eliminating many of these types of things, and doing them myself or forgoing them all together.

Miserly Bastard said...

Men like girly girls.

Tricia said...

seattle - how true that is! I did for a while dye my hair but that all adds up. I decided to go through a very awkward phase and let my original hair color come back. When it did, I realized how pretty the color really was. And of course, I loved the savings :)

miserly - I'd add "some" in front of men. :)