Friday, May 26, 2006

Calling Them Finally Worked!!

I can't believe it! I called credit card #2 and they actually reduced my interest rate! I sit here amazed. I've called them before and they wouldn't budge. Perhaps they are noticing that I am very agressively paying off their card and decided they better do something.

They reduced the interest rate from 16.99% to 13.99% and my account was technically upgraded to a "new" card to get the new interest rate. It's not a huge decrease - but it's something and I won't complain. Every little bit helps when you are in my situation.

Next step - figuring out my gameplan on how to play the balance transfer game so I can get the rates even lower ;)


Chitown said...

Great job!!! Persistance pays off. =)

pkthunder said...

Perhaps it's because your debt repayment has improved your credit score, and now you qualify for their "preferred" or "platinum" interest rates.


Lisa said...

Yay!! Have you calculated the impact it will have on total interest and payoff period? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

Kim said...

Like you said, every little bit helps! Good for you for keeping at it!

Tricia said...

You know what? In my amazement, it didn't even sink in that the customer service rep said something about my "preferred" status. I bet my credit score increasing has helped.

I haven't calculated the total impact on my payoff period but I hope to soon. I think I am going to see what I can do with some balance transfers ;)

Thanks everyone for your kind words!!

Frugal Momma said...

Great news!

One closer step to paying off stuff!