Thursday, May 25, 2006

New FICO Score Arrived!

This morning I received a dreaded "alert" from my identity protector program, but it ended up being a very good thing.

My new FICO score was ready, and there was an increase from 711 to 732!

They still quote the same negative factors on my score: the high amount of credit being used and the length of my credit history (relatively short in their eyes). But the balances dwindling on the credit cards has helped to raise the score.

My advice to anyone looking to raise their credit score or to keep it fairly high is to not miss any payments. Being current on accounts has definitely helped me. For an article on what late payments can do to your score, check out this article from Credit Bloggers, which I heard about from Mapgirl's Fiscal Challenge.


twins15 said...

glad to hear it!

Tricia said...

Thanks! :)

mapgirl said...

Thanks for the linky! I'm glad your scores are rising!