Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I've Joined the No Credit Needed Network

I believe a big part of keeping motivated to become debt-free is to find others in similar situations and to stick together and support each other. It turns out, there is a great website out there offering such a place and I have recently joined the No Credit Needed Network.

Come on over and check it out. Some are fighting debt, others are keeping track of their savings and a few are even tracking their progress with losing weight (as Mighty Bargain Hunter pointed out - losing debt is a lot like losing weight).

A thanks to everyone at the NCN Network for welcoming me over there :)


Mom2fur said...

Thanks for the link. That looks like it will be an interesting site. I'll check it later. I'm off to work in 20 minutes.
Uhmmm...not to sound like a grammar snob but can I tell you my pet peeve of spelling errors? Pretty please? It's 'lose' not 'loose.' When you lose weight your pants become loose. When I lose my debt I'm going to let loose and Par-Tay!!!
Thanks for listening!

Tricia said...

No problem about the spelling - thanks for watching my back :)

My biggest pet peeve with grammar is the it's/its and their/there/they're. Now I will remember "When you lose weight your pants become loose" for lose/loose.

Thanks for stopping by!

Medicated Money said...

Just wanted to say a quick hello, and welcome to the club! Your secret decoder ring is in the mail! :^)

Tricia said...

Oooh - a secret decoder ring. I wonder what it looks like - LOL.

Thanks for the warm welcome :)